Who We Are?

HAMBOLT LTD. is a company, which has the main activities of the production and trade of seeds, especially: Pumpkin seeds ‘’Lady Nails’’, Black sunflower seeds(human consumption), ‘’Dakota’’, ‘’Jaguar XL’’, ‘’LT’’ Sunflower, ’’Iregi’’, ’’Badjer’’, white sunflower seeds, hulled sunflower kernels, bird feed. Our company guarantees complete traceability of the products from the harvest fields to the final expedition of the goods. Our products are well known around the world – Iran, Irak, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Greece, Macedonia, Englang, Scandinavian, Canada, The USA, Mexico.

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What We Do?

Quality production and good partnership underlie ‘’HAMBOLT Ltd.’’. The company has business activities: trade and foreign trade, import-export, cleaning and packaging of all types of sunflower seeds with Bulgarian origin such as ‘’Dakota’’ , ‘’Jaguar XL’’, ‘’LT’’, Black sunflower seeds for human consumption, white sunflower seeds , Bird feed, Bulgarian pumpkin seeds ‘’Lady Nails’’ .
Today, thanks to its principles, the company is able to satisfy the criteria of the rapidly developing world agricultural markets.
The continued growth of market demands for quality control of production unit

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Our Products

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  • 2 St.&St Kiril and Methodi Str.
    7650 Dulovo, Bulgaria